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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired 3-Dimensional Lollipops

I wanted the 3rd graders to learn about Wayne Thiebaud and learn how to turn a circle into a sphere with chalk pastel.
Usually to educate students about spheres and 3-d shapes, teachers do a space lesson, which they turn out great but I wanted to come up with a unique way of combining two "subjects" or "ideas".

We started out with black or dark blue paper, drew 3 circles (big or little) and used rulers to create the lollipops sticks. I printed out some grey scales and how to create a sphere. I did a demo. with chalk pastel and oil pastel. I left it up to the students to pick their mediums and colors. We talked about light sources and where the "white" and "black" would be placed.

Then added color to the background (walls and tabletop) with oil pastels. We drew circles or ovals to create shadow on the table top and filled in with black OIL pastel.

When I first showed my teacher example all the kids thought they couldn't do it. When they finished their projects, one student in particular said," Mrs. Schwien you really taught us how to do this, that now MINE looks better then yours!" I know it sounds boastful, however I took it as a compliment that he was so confident in his achievement and progression in creating art.

First picture is my Teacher Example. (I allowed the students to make ice cream cones if they wanted to, they turned out great)

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