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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st Grade Picasso faces

Picasso is our Mascot in our Art classroom (both classrooms actually) He guards the Points that the students earn in class for making good behavior choices and participating.
They really wanted to learn more about Picasso, so I introduced him by showing them a brief slideshow on Picasso's work and life.

We talked about the difference of Profile and Portrait. I briely went over the definitions for abstract and cubism.  I did this project in October and now the students will say "oh that project is abstract" or "it doesn't look realistic, it MUST be abstract" what GREAT minds I am teaching. I learn so much from them every day.
ANYWAYS, we then created 3 WACKY FACES. One big and the other medium sizes. We did one together, allowing free choice along the way. When we were done with the first one, the students completed the last 2, outline with medium size markers, then colored in with GLITTER crayons. They LOVE glitter/metallic crayons. In my personal opinion the metallic crayons are way more consistent and you really can see a sheen. The glitter crayons get clogged and are really light when put on paper. But all in all they looked great.

With the crayons, I emphasized not touching same/like colors next to eachother.

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