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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4th Grade Woven Yarn Baskets

I know this is a common project with many art educators but I mixed it up by talking about contemporary versus traditional materials.My students learned how to do the traditional plain weave, warp/weft, shuttles, the Hopi Tribe, etc. We talked about different materials and I showed them photos of contemporary baskets made of jump ropes, phone wire (a picture of my own work), trash bags, etc.
I majored in textiles for my underground and I really love to include them in my lessons.

We did the traditional plain weave focusing on a color pattern with the yarn. When they were an 1" away from the top we started to include more contemporary/different items. I think they turned out great. We finished them right before the holidays and they said their families loved their baskets! Some of the students gave them as presents. I have one class working on them right now, to showcase them for the future spring art show!

The first picture/basket is made with pipe cleaners that spells the students brothers name, because he was making it for him for Christmas. What CREATIVITY! 

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  1. I've made these woven cups with students during summer art camps and love your idea of adding the different materials! Neat twist!