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Sunday, January 22, 2012

4th grade Tissue Paper Painting Peacock Portraits

We did this project before the Holiday season, it's a little late in posting this project HOWEVER this project turned out great.

We started with a background of peacocks, and then drew a basic portrait of a peacock.

We outlined with medium black sharpies and then colored in the peacocks body and the "eyes" of the feather with realistic oil pastel colors.

To add the vibrant colors of the feathers we painted with tissue paper. I cut up 1" to 2" squares of tissue paper of blues/greens/purples/browns etc.
We painted on plain water and then add tissue papers and THEN painted over with clear what to add a watercolor effect.

Check them out!!!

If you try this in your classroom, please let me know... you will love the results and your students will too and they will feel successful, well at least I hope!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Projects

We're back to school! I have so many lesson ideas swirling in my head. HOWEVER, I have so many lessons to update to this blog... LOTS of winter/holiday projects..

Here you go!

Thanks for stopping by, please say hi, leave fun ideas, or use some of my ideas!!!
Happy Art Making!

:) Candice