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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Portrait made by Young Blogger

Hello all! I just wanted to share with you a great, talented blogger, Ty from He asked for people to send him a picture so he could make a digital portrait, for practice,etc. so I just wanted to share the one he made of me. My husband just saw and He absolutely loves it. Now I definitely need to get sketchbook pro! so I can make some cool digital drawings.
Thank you so much Ty!

* I saw this on (amazing art lesson/idea site) So check out her image that made of her, too!

Monday, February 20, 2012

1st grade Self-Portraits

 Now this is a repeat project and probably will be for the next couple of years. I learned about this project when I student taught. My co-op would give the students a "pre-test" to draw themselves without any help. Then the next 2-3 classes the students worked on drawing proportion, facial details, hair, special details like earrings, glasses, ponytails, etc. and then worked on the background. We review horizon line, line, patterns, and colors. they used crayons and markers. And of course with all my projects we outline with Black Sharpie Markers.

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Layered Cakes

This project was created for students who finished there wayne thiebaud lollipop projects quicker then others so they would have reinforcement on who Wayne Thiebaud is and how to draw a realistic cake.

The students were allowed to add whatever details they would like on their cake. We brain stormed ideas aloud and then each student got a handout on picture references on how to draw the 3 layered cake. There is a section on the paper where students can practice drawing the cake and brainstorming decoration ideas.

They took a little long then expected, However, i think it turned out to be great and we will have to use 1/2 of the next class to complete. I don't like rushing learning and students gain confidence in completing projects, in an appropriate amount of time, and being able to reinforce learning and development of art and educational skills.

Art club mini-lessons

I have two art clubs, a 3rd grade and a 4th grade. They meet once a month throughout the entire school year. 

Here are some lessons that I did with them

This may look familiar to you because it has been all over

We put a little spin on it by adding color and more details.

It takes about 1-2 classes to complete, depends on adding color, outlining and details. 

The past few months!

SO I am back... and it feels good. I didn't really go any where, but i needed a little break from the blog. I have been focusing on lesson plans, classroom management, being one of the yearbook advisors this year, and a whole bunch of other things so here are some lessons my students have worked on or are working on now!

3rd GradeWayne Thiebaud Value Lollipop/Ice creams... I have a whole write up on this lesson, just check out my 3rd grade lessons.

4th grade- Keith Haring Positive/Negative Designs- This year I decided to do this lesson a little earlier then I did last year, because at the end of the year this project got a little rushed. I wanted to give students a little more time to complete the project.

just a couple of examples

k, 1st and second examples to come tomorrow!

Let me know if you have any questions