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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Van Gogh Inspired Coiled Sunflower Pots

Love this project! Our school does not have a kiln, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that the students don't get to experience some kind of clay!
So this year I tried to order some more Crayola Model Magic, for the younger grades.
In our Art classroom we have a "Picasso Points Chart" where they earn points for following the rules and for remembering facts about each specific project/lesson. When they reach "20" points they get to vote for a reward.. 10 minute game time, sit next to a friend, music during student time(studio time), or a clay project. If they don't vote for it, I still will try to have a least all of 2nd grade complete a project in clay or 3-D project.

So some classes did a 2-D project of Van Gogh's sunflowers in Oil Pastel.
Other classes, learned how create a coiled vessel, attach "petals" and "leaves", and then allowed them to dry.

The next class, they added tempura paint to make the coiled vessels look more like a bright sunflower.
Last step, paint on a glossy glue/modge podge/ shiny finish.

Check them out!!

Can't wait to come up with some more clay lesson ideas!