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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd Grade "Bad Case of the Stripes" Self-Portraits

This book, "The Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon is absolutely wonderful! When I searched online to see if there were any videos, I stumbled along a website called
This website has a variety of stories that are read by celebrity people.
 At our school teachers use this website all the time to help introduce books, use technology, and show creativity in there lessons. Many 2nd grade teachers already introduced this story to their class, so it turned out to be a great cross curriculum lesson.

I got the idea to use this story from some 2nd grade teachers in my building  and also saw some good self portrait ideas from this site self-portraits, and I saw another great lesson that mrs.jahnig did with her 2nd grade classes that was based on "A Bad Case of Stripes."
For this project we used a 11" x 17" white construction paper. We drew our self portraits by adding shapes upon shapes. They drew everything with pencil and outlined with medium Sharpie Marker. They used rulers to measure the stripes, approx. 1" apart from each line. This was a really great way to teach them how to use the ruler, make straight lines, and intergrate math in a simple and fun way. We used crayons to apply color to the hair, eyes, and t-shirt. Some added crayon color to their background. Once finished with crayons, students added color to their stripes and background with tempura cakes (like water color but darker/richer colors).
They turned out great!

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