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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st grade Glue Resist Snowmen

This project was a new process for the 1st graders. They absolutely enjoyed this project.
We started out talking about asymmetry and symmetry, off the page and up close. We drew our snowmen on 6" x 18" black paper with pencil. They were worried that the pencil lines wouldn't show, but so excited when they did.
After a teacher demonstration on how to use the glue bottle as a drawing tool, they all began to apply the glue to their already drawn pencils lines. I showed them a teacher example, so they could visualize what the glue line would turn into.
Next class we filled in each section with chalk pastel. They blended the chalk pastel with their fingers and paper towels. I tried to remind them not to touch their clothing or skin because it spreads very quickly. They did such a good job and not too much mess, which makes an art teachers job a little easier with the clean-up process.
At the very end we added white chalk pastel to create snowflakes. Some added dots, others added line stars to create "snowflakes".

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  1. I love this project, the snowmen are so sweet, so endearing. I have a small question, though. Did you specify what to work on chalking first, the background, scarf/hat/nose, or snowman? I was wondering because of the white of the snowman and the other colors mixing. I want to do this with my after school art class. Thanks so much. M