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Monday, October 11, 2010

3rd Grade Name Color Wheel/Pattern Study Designs

This project is to help students review last year materials in a fun and creative way!
We reviewed how to make Bubble letters, patterns, complimentary, secondary, primary and touched a little on tertiary colors.
We talked about Patterns in detail, then I handed out a brainstorming paper that I created called "Art pizzas" in the crust they write their ideas "fish", "polka dots" etc and then in the "pizza part" they create the pattern that they wanted to practice for their name

The students started out with 11" x 17" paper.
In Pencil:
They added their first name (nickname if really long name i.e Elizabeth to Lizzie, etc) in Big Bubble letters in center of page; trying to fill the whole page.
Then added 3 lines (one horizontal and 2 vertical lines) starting/finishing at edges of page.
IN each bubble letter at a different pattern.
In Marker:
Trace all pencil lines!
IN Crayon color each section BUBBLE LETTERS divided by lines a different color.
This was hard to describe so a demonstration helps so much BUT also adding a dot of color in each bubble letter section will help them recognize where each color goes. Have them raise their hand so you can check they are on the right page.
IN water color, have them paint the backgrounds the complimentary colors of the bubble letters (i.e. bubble letter section is blue= background orange,etc)

This was the first project of the year and really helped everyone, including me with getting more familiar with names, get back into the groove.

If you try this project or any project please let me know and send pictures!! I love photos! I hope you get  much enjoyment seeing your students learning and creating!!!