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Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st Grade Tree Silhouette

I wanted to do a project that looked like fall, but not so obvious. I really wanted to start out with a simple/basic project but introduce the idea of Silhouettes and positive/negative space to the 1st graders.
I saw this project on dali's moustache blog and tweaked it a bit to make it meet the different objectives we were going for. The students loved my example and thought it was a "spooky tree" or a "haunted" tree.

We started with 9" x 12" inch black paper. We discussed what a silhouette was and how to figure out positive/negative space.
We drew the negative space shapes.. making the outline of the positive shape (the tree). When they completed the teacher led step-by-step lesson, we marked each negative space with a small, light x. They then picked ONE color, (red, orange, yellow, or blue) of oil pastel and colored the sky in darkly. We then added yellow, orange, or white to the moon.

I really like this project and I will probably do this with my second graders sometime in the winter.. but make them larger with more detail.

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