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Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st Grade Outer Space Crayon Resist Paintingss

This project was amazing to teach. A lot of the students were completely new to all of this information, we talked about different images that we would find in space; planets, stars, astronauts, rocket ships, constellations, moons, etc.  We covered the planet names and then we talked about Textures. I thought this would be a good introductory lesson to add textures to the planets, etc.

We started with 11" x 17" white construction paper we added a planet coming form the corner and 2-3 middle circles, and 2 small circle shapes. These circles are the planets. THen we drew a step-by-step rocket ship.

We added textures-spiky, bumpy, craters, and rings. We colored all the planets, rocket ship, with crayons and then added small starts (more like sparkly stars not drawn, 5-point stars) with white and yellow crayons.

Then we talked about how to properly set-up for painting, painting, and cleaning up after our paintings were completed. We add black watercolor (some classes I used black tempura cakes. They colored over all the planets and the starts "magically" appeared like when the sun goes down for the day and the moon rises in the night.

The students were so intrigued with the content of the project and the outcomes of their paintings. 
One student came to me while the rest of the students were working and asked me, very sincerely I must add, "So there really are other planets out there, I just thought that was something cartoons made up!" It's great to see their knowledge expand and their excitement is contagious!

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