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Sunday, February 13, 2011

2nd Grade Jim Dine Studies

This project is a quick way of introducing Jim Dine, Color, Pattern, and a series/study in art.

We started out with  a teacher made slideshow of info and images of Jim Dine's work. Then we added 6 hearts (2 rows of 3). I emphasized for the hearts to be medium. Then we used rulers to create 2 straigh lines through each row of 3 hearts.

We reviewed/introduced warm and cool colors by discussing and looking at the color wheel. I thought the best way to make it interesting and stick in their minds was to play a little education game. Whenever I would say a warm color they would act like they were really hot (fanny themselves off, saying "whoo it is so hot in here" etc.) and for cool they would shiver, rub there arms, etc. THEY LOVED IT!!!!!

Here are some examples. These lovely hearts are created on 9" x 12" white construction paper and oil pastels. Hearts were with warm colors and background with cool colors. THey were allowed to color in solidly or with patterns.

PLUS: it is a great way to do a seasonal project for Valentines Day. 2 birds with one stone.

The last one did not stick to warm and cool colors like discussed in class, however their creativity with all the colors/patterns looks wonderful!

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  1. LOVE IT! I love how you used theatrics to have them act out warm and cool. That would have been so cute to see, haha! :) I love Jim Dine, too! :) Good job!