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Monday, February 20, 2012

Wayne Thiebaud Inspired Layered Cakes

This project was created for students who finished there wayne thiebaud lollipop projects quicker then others so they would have reinforcement on who Wayne Thiebaud is and how to draw a realistic cake.

The students were allowed to add whatever details they would like on their cake. We brain stormed ideas aloud and then each student got a handout on picture references on how to draw the 3 layered cake. There is a section on the paper where students can practice drawing the cake and brainstorming decoration ideas.

They took a little long then expected, However, i think it turned out to be great and we will have to use 1/2 of the next class to complete. I don't like rushing learning and students gain confidence in completing projects, in an appropriate amount of time, and being able to reinforce learning and development of art and educational skills.


  1. You've been an inspiration! I've got a very basic blog for my grade 3 class if you'd like to see your mention!

  2. My son, Gabriel A., really enjoyed the Wayne Thiebaud themes, and art class, with you.
    We were impressed with his Lollipop work when he brought it home. ;)
    Thank you for nurturing his creative expression through art. :)

  3. Grace,

    Thank you very much for checking out the art blog. Wayne Thiebaud is a great artist to study because who doesn't like looking at food, right? I see all the students eyes light up! They love it!
    Thank you for the kind words, I absolutely love teaching all the students and I'm glad to hear that your son feels successful and creates awesome work!