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Monday, February 20, 2012

1st grade Self-Portraits

 Now this is a repeat project and probably will be for the next couple of years. I learned about this project when I student taught. My co-op would give the students a "pre-test" to draw themselves without any help. Then the next 2-3 classes the students worked on drawing proportion, facial details, hair, special details like earrings, glasses, ponytails, etc. and then worked on the background. We review horizon line, line, patterns, and colors. they used crayons and markers. And of course with all my projects we outline with Black Sharpie Markers.


  1. Cool! And to your comment on my blog I say: Absolutely :). Just email me some pictures at and I will email you back with your portrait. Cool post too, I love the portrait with the girl ice skating very neato!

  2. I know, such creativity.. I need to post the before pictures. It will shock you to see how much they "grew" as drawers!