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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KIndergarten Spring Flower Collage

I haven't posted many of our kindergarten projects, so for  the next couple of weeks I'm going to try to update as many as I can.

This project was great to do with my full day Kinders! We reviewed how to draw circles, cut out different shapes, rip the petals, and use different materials (cotton balls, metallic paper, tissue paper, etc)

We started out with 9" x 12" light blue paper.  I had previously cut stems for the flowers. THey used a glue stick and glue 3 stems on their paper, making sure to have the stem end at edge of paper.

Then we used a long green strip for the grass. I demonstrated how to use the scissors to cut little cuts all the way down the strip to create grass that "pops" off the page.

We then ripped our petals from scrap paper we have on a scrap cart in class.

We added square metallic paper to the middle. We discussed different shapes.

We then used cotton balls for the clouds in the sky. They loved this part.

This project is great for fine motor skills, student free choice, and introducing/reviewing collage/multi-media projects.
 This could be easily adaptable to higher grades.

I am so excited to see our full day kinders become little Multi-Media Artists!

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