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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st Grade Under the Sea Portholes

1st Grade Under the Sea Portholes 

WOW.. I love this project.
I got the idea from a 1970 craft pamphlet, twisted it to incorporate under the sea, instead of above the sea.

We start out with 11" x 17" White Construction paper.
We cap off the corners and then draw a large oval in the center of the page.
We draw mini-circles with x's in them to create screw's to "attach" the porthole frame to the submarine.
Then we add a horizon line.. to divide sea and sand.
We practice our sea creatures together on the back of the paper, and when they feel confident they turn the paper over and add a good amount of sea creatures.
We outline in Black Sharpie Marker.
Color the sea creatures, porthole frame, coral, etc. with crayons.
Then we do a type of crayon resist painting. By using tempura watercolor cakes to paint the sea and sand.
We talked about warm/cool colors.

THEY LOOK SUPERB. They are so creative and wonderful!!!

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