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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3rd grade Jim Dine Warm/Cool Compass Designs

As you can see I did a unit about Jim Dine with my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. I love Jim and all the different lessons you can create using his subject and love for color.

This was a challenging project. I have seen some projects like this, art projects for kids, think create art, and oodles of art; the one with the hand in warm colors and the background in cool. They are very eye-catching. The lady that I am subbing for (the last link) does a warm/cool hand project. I wanted the students to have the warm/cool review with a twist of compass and art history/criticism.

I wanted to have my third graders introduced into using compasses to create circles.

1. We started off with a teacher made slideshow of a brief bio of Jim Dine and LOTS! of images.
2. The students received a 9" x 12" piece of white construction paper.
3. They were asked to either draw, with black or brown oil pastel,  an outline of a heart or a tool, based off of Jim Dine. Hand outs of tool shapes were provided.
4. After teacher demo, the students added a dot anywhere inside of there subject.
5. started out with the smallest circle and continued to make each circle 1" bigger, until they couldn't go any further.
6. To complete the circles until the edge of the paper, they "eyed" 1-2 circles. I thought this would be helpful because they could try to see if they could make a circle one inch away for the other line.
7. They outlined every pencil line with black or brown oil pastel.
8. Added cool colors in back ground and warm colors, with oil pastels, in subject.

This was challenging, a lot of steps, but at the end they felt so accomplished. The compass was a little tricky at first because their is only one of me and 20 some of them. I had some helpers in class, help their neighbors if they finished early. Most of my students love helping and the students that need help, love to interact with their fellow classmates.

Check them out for yourselves!! Some made mistakes as to where the warm and cool colors go, but as long as they see they made the mistake and learn from it, I think it adds to the overall composition.

Paintbrush (not completed)



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