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Monday, September 24, 2012

Kindergarten Primary Color Shape Mobile

This year we have some slight changes to our schedules. The unified art teachers are now teaching all the kindergarten classes, since we went to all full day kinder classes this year. I was a little nervous because with kindergarten you get so many different levels. I just want to be attentive towards their needs but also covering some of the principles and elements of design at a good pace.

I have no idea why I was so nervous, the students are doing excellent! We painted on the 3rd day. THATS right the THIRD DAY!!! NO spills, barely any messes and lots of smiles and successes.

I wanted to start out with basic shapes, drawing and cutting. We introduced outlining or tracing. We glued the shapes together. Talked about the primary colors. *** To add element of surprise and crayon resist you can have your students make designs in white crayon... they forget and when they paint the next day, it appears. You get a lot of ooooohhhh'sss and aaaaahhhh's, one class CLAPPED.

When the painting was completed we read mouse paint together and discussed primary and introduce how to make secondary colors.
These are some of my examples and one of some student work drying on the rack.. I will be posting the student work once hung in the hallway.

Student work drying
Can't wait to post the mobiles that are completed! They did such an amazing job!


  1. I love the white crayon idea! That must be so fun with kindergarten. I'm working with secondary colors with my kinders, and the excitement I get from them when they mix the paint and it really truly makes the color it's supposed to make makes my day every time :).

  2. It was a blast! They enjoyed so much that, at least 1-2 students a day will say something about it and ask when we can do another "mixing" project! Thanks for the comment.