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Sunday, September 23, 2012

4th Grade- One Day O.P. Hands

Hello Everyone!

-This is the first project the 4th graders did this school year. I wanted to start out with a successful project, reviewing controlled line, repetition, color pattern, and optical illusions. Students loved how the hands 'pop' off the page! I did see this idea on pinterest. I saw it at theforestroom.

-I did change things up a little bit by introducing Bridget Riley, the british OP artist and I wanted them to do a rough draft and a finish draft.
-I wanted to emphasize that the making the hand so obvious wasn't the only goal, so if it wasn't obvious there were many ways to help the hand pop out.
-First way is to trace all the lines of the hand again so it darkens the lines, color in any white that is showing, or add more lines to define the hand to help it "pop" off the page.

We did this on  10" x 8" paper.

Have a wonderful day, hopefully making art!

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