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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2nd Grade Apple Blossom Branches

These were so fun to create.  and they are a little different from different apple/cherry blossom lessons I've seen.

We used 11" x 17" light blue construction paper. acrylic paint (brown), thick Sharpie markers, assorted tissue paper, glue, yellow paint.

We talked about symmetry vs. asymmetry; then created a asymmetrical branch. Painted it with brown acrylic paint, allowed to dry, outlined with black sharpie marker, added dashes for texture of the branch.

Then we used a pencil to create flowers and glued down on the little branches/twigs.

Then students had free choice to add butterflies, squirrels, flies, etc. to the background.

They turned out great.. During the Art Show the parents and community really enjoyed  the branches.


  1. Hi Candice! I'm sending you a Versatile Blog Award! Congrats, thanks for the great lessons you post!

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  2. Cute name for your blog. I'm glad I found you, and happy to be a follower!

  3. thanks Ladies!

    and Thank you Lauren.. I haven't updated frequently but I really enjoy blogging and viewing other art education blogs.