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Monday, September 2, 2013

It's that time AGAIN!!

Well hello Blog World! I am back.. it has been quite a long time. I apologize for my long absence. My husband and I bought a house and this summer has been dedicated to making it "ours" by adding our little touches. One thing that has been amazing is our Garden! Since it's new to us, every week I walk out or take a look out into the many (MANY) gardens and I see something new blooming, it's just beautiful.
I think this school year we are going to have a lot more nature themed projects because I am so inspired.

We started school last monday! We are working on our folders and doing introduction and reviews! Can't wait til Thursday for the 2nd cycle to begin so we can really start out main content lesson projects.

Kindergarten: Primary Shape Mobile
1st Grade: Realistic Owls focusing on texture- Black paper/construction paper crayons
3rd Grade: Barn/Farm Landscape- focusing on Patterns/Foreground/ Middle Ground/ Background/Form
4th Grade- Optical Illusion Hands

This year I would like to post every week. If you notice that I am not and your curious about a lesson/procedure/idea. Let me know!

Have a great day and Happy Art Making! :)

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