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Sunday, September 18, 2011

4th Grade St. Basil's Cathedral Inspired Towers

A couple years ago I had the honor to go on a trip To Russia with my dear friend and her family.
We traveled from St. Petersburg to Moscow. In Moscow we visited the Red Square and Of course the famous St. Basil's Cathedral. I was in awe and couldn't believe how colorful and breathtaking it was!

So I always wanted to study this beautiful piece of Architecture. 
We talked about the St. Basil's cathedral, terms, like onion dome, spire, arch, etc. 
So the students used rulers to create straight lines for their towers, then created onion domes and spires and they were allowed to create their own "creative"towers, to show a more individual thought.

We talked about how to add textures in "clusters" to show that the towers were a texture but just a hint so it wouldn't look so cluttered.

AND of course, focused on bright and bold colors influenced by St. Basil's Cathedral!

Let's check them out. 

I will update with other finished projects once completed this week! THey were allowed to experiment with a twist on the towers with more creative and modern tower designs.


  1. These are great Candice! So nice to see art inspired from real life:)

  2. Oh, these are just beautiful! I ran an art camp over the summer and we built a Russian Cathedral out of recycled items. Please check it out! It's fun to see how many different ways there are to teach something!