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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Printmaking:Modigiliani Self-Portraits

This is one of the best projects of the year, the students absolutely fell in love with the printmaking process.
 What you will need:
printmaking styro foam plates (or styrofoam lunch trays, etc.)
speed ball printing ink( all different colors)
scrap paper
all different colors of construction paper cut to the size of the plate ( a little bigger then the plate)
Info on artist Amedeo Modigilani ( I made a slideshow)

First we looked at some examples of Amedeo Modigiliani's work. Then we drew a step by step self portrait on a small scrap paper.  THEY LOVED DRAWING THEMSELVES IN ABSTRACT FORM, WITH LON NECKS, LONG HEAD, ETC. We taped the scrap paper to the styrofoam plate and then outline the scrap paper by pressing hard on to the styrofoam.

For printing: I made sure they pressed hard into the styrofoam with their pencils, so it would make a good print. I had them come in groups pick 3 colors of different paper and 1 color of ink. They created 3 so they could choose the best.. and then we made ghost prints at the end to see if the "faded" look turned out.

Then they made a frame for their Modiligani self-portraits and glued their favorite print in the middle of the frame.

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  1. I would love to know how you had them make the frames. I would be very grateful if you could post instructions for that. I'm assuming these are 1-3 grade students. This is a very cool idea. I've been afraid to introduce printmaking to my students because I thought it would be too complicated. Definitely going to try this with them!